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 Elaine & Leeana

Elaine and Leeana met in 2005, after both being invited to lead a retreat together. Since then they’ve logged endless hours around each other's kitchen tables. They’ve loved on each others’ children and read each other’s manuscripts. They’ve worked together and vacationed together and consumed copious amounts of chips and salsa together. In the last few years, they’ve walked through Leeana’s unexpected divorce and the sudden death of Elaine’s husband. And through it all, they have turned to each other relentlessly with the message, “Even now, even in this: Remember who you are.”

Image credit: Katie Gardner

The Finding You Project was born out of a desire to walk with women who want to go on the sacred search of finding themselves again or for the first time. Where am I now? Who am I now? What am I now? These are just a few of the many questions we will be asking. This will be an exploration. This will be an adventure. We’ll be curious. We’ll pay attention. And we’ll do it together.

Why? Why is this work important? Your deepest need is meaningful connection to ourselves and others. When we find ourselves, we also find what we need, what we want, and these are the ingredients we will need to attach to our lives more fully. To belong to ourselves and those we love.

Welcome, and let’s do this.

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My method for living a more peaceful life is simple and easy to follow. It combines everything you need to align the body and the mind for total balance.


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Elaine Hamilton

Elaine Hamilton is a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist and a mom of two grown kids.  She has written three books, taught undergraduate and graduate courses in psychology and theology and founded a private practice. Elaine continues to work with a small caseload of clients in San Diego. If you are a California resident interested in therapy with Elaine contact her at [email protected].

IG: @elainemhamilton

Leeana Tankersley

Leeana Tankersley is a mom, writer, on-and-off writing professor, and perpetual hope warrior. She has two English degrees, and is the author of six books, including the newly released, Hope Anyway. She has been paying attention, collecting experiences, and sharing her stories for almost two decades. Her work has been featured in outlets including Huffington Post, CNN, and Publishers Weekly. Leeana and her three kids live in Central Virginia with their spirited Labradoodle, Rosie. Visit to learn more about Leeana’s work and writing.

IG: @leeanatankersley

Image credit: Katie Gardner

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